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The Cumbria Bridleways Society has been working with the local authorities, landowners and members since 1979 to protect, preserve and improve our rights of way network for the enjoyment of all users.

Aims of the Cumbria Bridleways Society
  • To encourage the recognition and preservation of bridleways, pack horse routes and other paths, such as byways, within the boundaries of Cumbria, to secure their use by the general public.
  • To actively research and claim any lost rights of way in the county of Cumbria to ensure they are correctly recorded for use by the general public.
  • The Society will work towards improvement of the existing network by suggesting upgrading of routes and the dedication of routes to enhance use by the public of the countryside. This will include the promotion of off road routes to benefit the safety of users.
  • The Society will promote protection of the environment whist encouraging enjoyment of the rights of way network by the public and will offer advise to the public.


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