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Field Officer Network

When the Cumbria Bridleways Society began to deal with the many obstructed routes that existed in the early years it became apparent that a group of volunteers on the ground with local knowledge would be essential to assist the committee. This evolved into a field officer network where local riders and interested individuals offered to look after their parish and in some cases more than one parish. They were an important contact should a problem arise as they had first hand knowledge of a route, landowners etc.

It was hoped there would be a field officer for every parish - there is the odd parish where no bridleways exist - and there are over 200 parishes in the county.

The county has been split into 6 areas; Allerdale, Copeland, Eden, Carlisle, Barrow, South Lakeland. 

Each field officer will ideally walk or ride the routes in their area once or twice a year. Also by liaising with Cumbria County Council when any work is carried out,field officers can check work is satisfactory. If the field officer feels that some minor work is needed to make the path more user friendly then he or she can help plan a clearing day under the auspices of the Cumbria Bridleways Society.

Cumbria County Council has funded  the purchase of hand tools and equipment to clear the bridleways

For more information on becoming a field officer please contact Helen Kerry on:

E mail:

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